Cavalry Officers' Sword - NSN - 8465-99-973-6875

SKU: 8465-99-973-6875

1912 Cavalry Officers Sword and Scabbard

The high carbon steel blade is embellished with the regimental crest. The guard features a sophisticated design that seamlessly transitions to the nickel-plated high carbon steel blade. The black ray-skin grip is bound with silver-plated copper wire and capped with a stepped pommel.

The Cavalry Officers’ Sword can be carried in a brown leather scabbard with plated steel mouthpiece for service wear or in a nickel-plated steel scabbard for full dress occasions.

Blade & Tang Steel:   Polished & etched

Guard:  Mild steel, 1.6mm thick, engraved and bright nickel plated

Pommel:  Brass casting, bright nickel plated

Grip:   Wood or high impact polystyrene core covered with black fish skin Alternatively a high impact polystyrene core with simulated fish skin finish.

Ferrule Brass, bright nickel plated

Under nut:  Mild steel

Pommel nut:  Mild steel, polished

Grip wire 3 strands of 0.3mm diameter copper wire. Silver plated

Buff Leather, white

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